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Diabetes Prevention ToolKit

By saul mendoza October 16, 2018 0 comments

Congratulations! By reading this you are Big Reward: Knowing you don’t have to take your first step toward preventing diabetes, and that you can prevent or delay diabetes and living a longer, healthier it if you are at risk, will give you peace of life.

Diabetes prevention means lowering mind. Note below why you want to prevent your risk for heart disease, stroke, kidney diabetes…or who you want to do it for. disease, blindness, amputation and other serious problems. That’s a big reward for you and a big reward for your family and friends.

One Small Step: Commit to your GAME PLAN.

Set goals, and don’t forget to work with You may have a family member with your health care provider, family, and diabetes. Maybe you have to drive him to friends. For example, losing 5 to 7 percent his weekly kidney dialysis.

Maybe you help of your weight is one big step to reduce her cut her toenails because she can’t see your risk of diabetes. That’s 10 to 15 pounds and it would be dangerous to damage for a person who weighs 200 pounds.

her feet. But you are in a position to avoid When you figure out how many pounds these complications from diabetes. You that is for you, you will see that you can prevent diabetes and stay healthy.

Diabetes prevention is possible, powerful, and proven. Recent studies have proven that people at high-risk for diabetes can meet your goal!

My 5% goal will be to lose pounds

My 7% goal will be to lose pounds My 10% goal will be to lose pounds

prevent or delay the onset of the disease

with 30 minutes of physical activity,

5 days a week and losing 5 to 7 percent of their body weight. In other words, you don’t have to knock yourself out to prevent diabetes. The key is small steps leading to big rewards.

One Small Step: Know your diabetes risk.

Work with your health care provider

to find out if you are at risk for diabetes or if you have pre-diabetes. The fact sheet on “Who Is at Risk for Diabetes and Pre-diabetes?” also can help.

To figure out your weight loss goal, multiply your

weight by the percent you want to lose. For example, if John weighs 240 pounds and wants to lose 7 percent of his weight, he would multiply .07 by 240.

240 (pounds)

x .07 (7 percent)

16.8 pounds

John’s goal would be to lose about 17 pounds and bring his weight down to 223 pounds.

Try to weigh yourself every day and record your progress. Research shows that this is

an effective way to help you reach your goals.

Big Reward: Setting goals will help you stick to your GAME PLAN and help you track your success!

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